Classroom management can be a challenge for anyone, from veteran to novice teachers. Both bring different things to the table when it comes to classroom management. They may face different challenges, handle challenges differently, and need support in different ways.

Since classroom management is key to setting the stage for quality learning, it is important to understand how teachers of all backgrounds can improve classroom management and create the best possible learning environment for their students.

Challenges Faced by Novice Teachers

Oftentimes novice teachers like the experience needed to establish quality classroom management, although sometimes new teachers are not quite sure how to approach discipline behavior management techniques. Depending on the teaching program that novice teachers complete, there may need to be additional support provided within the school to help novice teachers achieve adequate classroom management. New classroom teachers can also be hesitant to communicate with families about certain behaviors that are happening in the classroom. They might require some support when reaching out to families and coaching on how to build relationships with students and families.

In order to manage the classroom effectively, it is important that new teachers are confident in their ability to establish goals and set expectations. They must model behaviors and do their best to create a positive learning environment. Classroom management and instruction are strongly linked. In order for students to learn, there must be order in the classroom. Having both a well-managed classroom and a classroom where students are learning takes time and practice; new teachers must be open to learning new ideas and strategies in order to improve classroom management.

How Veteran Teachers Handle Similar Challenges

Veteran or expert teachers tend to already have some behavior and classroom management tricks up their sleeve that they have used before. They often can identify possible classroom management issues and put things in place to prevent these things from happening. Many times veteran teachers are skilled at building relationships with students and families, and this is key in setting the tone for the school year. Keeping an open line of communication between families will come in handy when behaviors need to be discussed.

Creating a classroom environment that is conducive to learning takes time. This is something that veteran teachers have already had. They have spent time seeing what works and what doesn’t, therefore, they can begin to work on quality instruction sooner than novice teachers.

Classroom Management Approaches for Novice Teachers

Considering the importance of classroom management, it is vital for new teachers to have strategies available to approach classroom management. Some of these strategies are included below.

  • Observing veteran teachers and how they approach classroom management
  • Set rules and consequences early and be consistent
  • Establish a schedule and consistently follow the schedule
  • Reward positive behavior
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Celebrate successes
  • Reach out to families and build relationships
  • Research Classroom Management Tips for New Teachers

Creating an environment of respect in the classroom can also help foster classroom management. When new teachers learn to connect with their students, offer compassion, and show consistency, good classroom management will follow.

How Veteran Teachers Approach Classroom Management

Considering the experiences and breadth of knowledge that veteran teachers bring to the table, allowing veteran teachers to mentor novice teachers is a great opportunity to help new teachers grow in the area of classroom management.

New teachers are exposed to the most recent and real world examples regarding classroom management when they work with a mentor in the same school and environment as them. It is an opportunity for veteran teachers to provide leadership and for new teachers to grow through advice from the veteran teachers. It is also important that personalities are a good match between the new teacher and mentor teacher, because it can make all the difference.

Mentoring also creates connections between colleagues, which is beneficial for all involved. With proper training and encouragement, new teachers can benefit from the advice and guidance of mentors and ultimately become veterans at classroom management themselves!